I am a behavioural economist originally from sunny Murcia, 'Europe's orchard' in the southeast of Spain, and currently based in Madrid.

I work as a doctoral researcher at the Institute of Public Goods and Policies of the Spanish National Research Council (IPP-CSIC), granted an FPU fellowship by the Spanish Ministry of Universities. I am a Predoctoral Fellow at the Discrimination & Inequality Lab (D-Lab) of the research group on Behavioural Social Sciences (BeSS) at IPP-CSIC and a PhD Candidate in Economics at the Spanish National Distance Education University (DEcIDE Program). There, I teach undergraduate-level Econometrics as well.

I studied for a Bachelor’s degree in Economics at the University of Murcia and moved to Madrid in 2018 to study an MSc in Economics from the University Carlos III. Just as I was ready to leave the academic world for good, I received a CSIC JAE Intro research fellowship and discovered behavioural and experimental economics.  

Ever since then, I have devoted myself to studying human behaviour from a social and multidisciplinary perspective. I have developed research on affective polarisation and preferences for redistribution based on survey data. I am currently working on an experimental project on social norms and how they shape group behaviours around a range of social identities. The first results of this project are already available (see research section).

I am also deeply interested in experimental and quantitative methods broadly. I place a focus on causal inference research, particularly for policy analysis. Before my current position, I worked as a junior consultant in public policy evaluation.

For more information, see my CV.